MetaboQuest is a cloud-based application for metabolite annotation using computational tools, multiple compound databases, and mass spectral libraries. The Mass-Based Search Tool in MetaboQuest searches for putative metabolite IDs in major compound databases based on m/z values. The putative metabolite IDs obtained from these databases are merged into a uniform and non-redundant format using IUPAC International Chemical Identifier (InChI) key. The MS/MS-Based Search Tool performs spectral matching of MS/MS data against experimental and in-silico fragments in mass spectral libraries.

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SysMet is a cloud-based application that uses systems biology methods to uncover the relationships between diseases and analytes. The application uses statistical, network-based, and machine learning methods for differential analysis of omics data and integration of multi-omics data to identify disease-associated analytes at the systems level. 

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