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Interdisciplinary Solutions to Omics

Developing new strategies for omics data analysis


We provide consulting services on omics study design, data acquisition, 
data analysis, multi-omics integration, and biological interpretation of results. In addition, we offer customers access to customized data analytics pipeline and a sample-to-solution service.


We offer our clients  cloud-based platforms that allow them to build analytics pipelines for omics data pre-processing, mass spectrometric-based metabolite identification, differential analysis of metabolite profiles, and multi-omics integration. 



We conduct research on systems biology methods to identify disease biomarkers and to unravel the associations between analytes and diseases using statistical, machine learning, network-based, and fuzzy logic methods.


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OmicsCraft provides metabolomics core facilities, bioinformatics core facilities, and research scientists with omics expertise and platforms that enable them to efficiently and accurately perform metabolite annotation, differential analysis of metabolite profiles, and multi-omics integration. We have extensive experience in designing metabolomics and multi-omics studies for biomarker and drug discovery. We develop computational tools and algorithms for omics data analysis using statistical, machine learning, network-based, and fuzzy logic methods.


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